We are grateful to have received support from Creative Scotland to host a development week for Playthrough, written by Kenny Boyle and directed by Ben Harrison. We presented two work-in-progress sharings at Summerhall in Edinburgh in October 2017 to invited guests from the theatre and video game industries. Following this successful development period, we are now exploring a tour of a full production of this new play across Scotland in 2020.

If you are interested in programming the show, please email Rishaad: rishaad@borderlinetheatre.co.uk

‘You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?’

In 1989, Killswitch was released in Soviet Russia and became the most legendarily haunted video game of all time. You played as either a young girl or an invisible demon. Finishing the game as the girl, the easier route, immediately erased that copy forever. The only person to allegedly play through the game as the demon has never been seen again, nor has the game.

Until now. Biggs and Wedge will play through the last remaining copy of the game in front of you, our live audience. By delving into other legends of haunted video games along the way, Playthrough provides campfire ghost stories for the digital age with humour that belies its darker commentaries.

Cast for the Sharings

Biggs // Kenny Boyle
Wedge // Karen Bartke
Performer // Tyler Collins

Creative Team for the Sharings

Writer // Kenny Boyle
Director // Ben Harrison
Assistant Director // David Wood
Video Designer // Tim Reid
Lighting Designer and Technical Stage Manager // Jonny Reed
Photography and graphic design // Mihaela Bodlovic

The script has been written with mentoring support from Rob Drummond


Our CATS award-winning show for family audiences, Uncanny Valley, is available to tour theatres, venues, festival and schools. It recently returned at the 2017 Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Uncanny Valley asks the audience, to interact with a real ‘live’ robot and help to tell the story of Ada and her best friend OKAY (Outstandingly Knowledgeable Android Youth). Watch as OKAY grows and learns, ask your own questions, see if you can tell the difference between a robot and a human. Written by Rob Drummond and directed by Emily Reutlinger.

If you are interested in programming the show, please email Jeremy: jeremy.wyatt@ayrgaiety.co.uk

Download the Uncanny Valley Promoter’s Pack

At present, Borderline operates under funding on a project-to-project basis. This generally results in one touring production each year, but we have large aspirations to evolve from this and regain our stature as the leading figure for touring theatre in Scotland. We are currently considering options for work to tour or develop in Autumn 2019 onwards.

Through collaboration, we want to support the creation of new writing, tour new productions and work with existing playwrights to take creative risks with experimentation. In particular, we want to build relationships with emerging theatre-makers and smaller-scale theatre companies to help nurture the passion, energy, creativity and capacity of these artists.

If you are interested in learning more about this, please email Jeremy: jeremy.wyatt@ayrgaiety.co.uk

Borderline has always been committed to nurturing and developing talent. We strive to offer opportunities in all areas of our productions to emerging artists and recent graduates. Throughout our history we’ve commissioned dozens of Scottish playwrights, provided valuable graduate internships and placements, become known as a training ground for young directors and given emerging actors the platform for their bigger break. Alan Cumming had to start somewhere, and that was as Medic #2 in a 1985 Borderline production of Trumpets and Raspberries!

If you would like to be considered for a role of any kind in a future Borderline production, please invite us to see your work or email Jeremy: jeremy.wyatt@ayrgaiety.co.uk

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