Borderline is a multi-award-winning Scottish touring theatre company founded in 1974. One of Scotland’s foremost and longest running touring theatre companies, we have an established track record of 41 years for presenting memorable theatre experiences of the highest quality and delivering entertainment with substance. We celebrate innovative new writing and reimagined revivals of plays that Scotland hasn’t seen, touring the finest of Scottish theatre across all areas of the country and beyond.

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The Straw Chair

Written by Sue Glover and Directed by Liz Carruthers. A co-production with Hirtle.

In the early eighteenth century, it’s a stormy start to marriage for 17-year-old Isabel and her minister husband Aneas as they arrive from Edinburgh onto the remote island of Hirta (St. Kilda).

Amongst the inhabitants lives Lady Grange, based on a true historical figure named Rachel Chiesley, who’s desperate to return to civilisation. Isabel is appalled yet fascinated by Rachel, who tells the young bride unfamiliar stories of betrayal, lost love and abduction. While Isabel uncovers alarming similarities, battling between youthful exhilaration and the danger of being too troublesome a wife, Lady Grange clings with tragic dignity to the two things she has left in the world – a consuming rage and an old straw chair.

A captivating play about liberty, marriage, romance and female empowerment by the award-winning author of Bondagers.

Premiered by Traverse Theatre and Focus Theatre in 1988, Borderline revive this internationally renowned play for its long awaited first Scottish tour since the original production 27 years ago.

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Performance dates for Uncanny Valley in Spring 2016 at the Edinburgh International Science Festival will be released shortly.

Thank you to all 3,000+ people who attended performances of The Straw Chair during its six week tour in Spring 2015!


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